Stemas LEV P R

Stemas LEV P R
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Special machine for shaping and sanding or sanding and buffing of round tops with constant diameter, also half round and half round with 2 parallel sides.
Min/max workpiece diameter: 800 / 2200 mm.
Workpieces are positionned toward 2 pneumatic controlled
fences on a vakuum turntable.
Feedspeed of workpieces adj. from 5 to 25 m/min
- 1 x universal spindle, 90° turnable, with pneumatic jump controll, mounted on a vertical post, about 1 m. high, with vertical adjustment over a dovetail with spindle.
Can be used either for shaping a profile before sanding, or for brushing or buffing after the sanding
- 1 x sanding unit, straight edges or profiles, with jump controll, mounted on a vertical post, about 1 m. long, with dovetail and spindle.
Sanding path which takes tollerances
Separate controll panel

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